How to support healthy brain function, sleeping habits, and balanced moods


Eat plenty of mineral-packed vegetables to promote deeper sleep

Many vegetables, such as asparagus, broccoli, kale, and spinach are loaded with sleep-supporting minerals including magnesium and zinc. More sleep could lessen stress.


Exercise regularly

Just 1 hour of moderate exercise 3 times a week can have a positive effect on brain function, mood, and mental sharpness.


Avoid living like a 21-year old

At 21, many people can handle late nights and alcohol and still perform at their peak. But that lifestyle can have a huge effect on mental performance in the long run.


COLD Showers

Cold showers come with a range of health benefits, including supporting healthy moods and energy levels. Brave the cold to reap the reward!


Fish oil does next to nothing for brain health

Many people believe fish oil is great for brain health. However, studies show that fish oil does NOT improve brain function in healthy people. It’s wise to invest in proven natural remedies, some of which have strong studies to back them.

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